Trousseau Packing
For your all designer wedding trousseau packing our special expertise team is right there to do designer packing by taking in to account all necessary precautions.
Gift and Souveneirs
Weddings are becoming more elaborate and glamorous every day. The wedding souvenirs’ presentation and package should have a unique and appealing effect. Sometimes, the way how a wedding gift is presented gives the wedding an unforgettable look.

Don’t forget that the wedding souvenirs are one of several ways to thank your guest’s presence. The wedding gifts or souvenirs can be decorative, complementing the decoration of the reception’s tables, or even the party’s environment itself. Just like the rest of the wedding’s decoration, the gifts should reflect the wedding’s formality and your personality as a couple.

We provide gallery of traditional & modern gifts and also customise making of gifts with great ideas and special packaging of gifts.