Delectable dining concepts. 7 course spreads. Menu planning. Celebrity chefs. Different cuisines. Food display ideas. Buffet. Sit down lunch or dinner. Food courts. Outdoor catering. Brunch ideas.

Flower bedecked table arrangements. Al-frezco ideas. Bistro settings. Mood lighting. Authentic community-specific menus.

Specialist florist. Beautiful floral arrangements for each ceremony. Floral mandap. Floral canopy. Great selection of flowers. The traditional yellow marigolds.

The classic roses. Orchid. Lily. Daisy. Iris. Gerbera. Carnation. Anthurium. Chrysanthemum. Pick and choose flowers for the Jaimalas , Sehra for Groom, Jewelry for the bride including ‘Wenis’ for the hair. Floral decorations for the

Wedding Car Groom’s Buggi
Signature Bouquet