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Wedding favors are probably not something you will spend a large part of your wedding planning time on, and more likely than not you will stick to the tried-and-tested mithai ka dabba as a thank you to your guests for showing up on your special day. But with new age weddings undergoing transformation each day, why leave wedding favors in the old age? It’s time to revamp the good old box of sweets and gift favors that your guests will fondly remember your wedding by.

Be clear about the following things though, before you set out to find your own wedding favors. What do you want your wedding favors to convey? Do you simply want them to be a fond reminder of your D-day? Or do you want them to be useful to your guests? You also have to be sure your gifts have universal appeal; you can’t possibly buy a different wedding favor for each guest.

  • Once you’re clear on these specifics, you can go ahead and pick one for your guests. To get you started, here are a few unique ideas for the perfect wedding favor:
  • Handmade Candles
  • Exotic Tea
  • Funky Coasters
  • Fortune Cookies
  • Essential Oils & organic Lip Salves
  • New Age Mithai
  • Jar of Cake