What are the major wedding decoration needed for your special day

Everyone wants to have a dreamy fairytale wedding and it entirely depends on the décors to help in adding glamour to your wedding. Wedding decoration helps in setting the tone of this occasion. Be it Weddings in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai or any other city, professional decorator is a must. They would help in making decorations look more ethereal and radiate love, warmth and happiness. Whether it is in limited budget or a lavish wedding, mood isalways set as per the decoration.

When it comes to Indian wedding, décor needs to be a proper blend of tradition as well as contemporary style.

The gate:
Even before entering the venue, first thing that people see and judge is the gate’s decoration. It should be a ‘Grand Entry’ to a wedding.

The interior:
Colors define the décor. It’s important to have a proper color combination for a better visual treat and to get the theme right. Wedding Backdrop Decoration is very paramount. Matching drapes, flowers and lights are needed as this is the area that highlights the bride and the groom.


The Mandap:
This is the area where wedding rituals take place. The Bride and Groom take their wedding vows in front the holy fire. The seven rounds, seven promises are chanted here. This deserves to look magical.

Tables and sitting area:
People should be comfortably sitting while watching the rituals or while having food. It is very crucial to make sure that there is no space crunch. This certainly doesn’t mean throwing a bunch of chair, tables and sofa for people to sit on. It should be properly covered and decorated with flowers and ribbons, so that it fits in properly.
These are the few vital decoration arrangements that have to be done to enhance the beauty of wedding. Take inspiration from other weddings and also get professional help to carry on with things smoothly. Make the start of your married life with a perfect Wedding Decoration.